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Establish the Goal

Working with some basic software and assumptions we will help you define where you hope to be financially, by the time you retire. We’ll consider every component of your needs in retirement, including living arrangements, healthcare, discretionary spending, and savings for peace of mind.

Current Circumstances

We will help you analyze your current circumstances, including evaluating any pension accounts, general savings and insurance, real estate equity, and any other existing accounts that are relevant for your planning purposes. We’ll evaluate your costs and strategy, and assist in fine tuning existing steps you may already be taking, while exploring new remedies.

Personal Financial Plan

We will help you develop your own personal financial plan for retirement. We will work with you to create a simple and straightforward plan that can be accomplished over time. Let’s also create a process for you to check in regularly and receive the kind of ongoing guidance and encouragement you will need to succeed with your plan. You can do this! And we are here to help.

Upcoming Workshop Events

Retirement Planning

10.11.2023 - 11.01.2023

Whether you're already retired or planning for it in the future, you will benefit from taking charge of your plan. We can help. In this free workshop you will work with a seasoned Certified Financial Planning Professional and explore new strategies / steps that you can take toward late life financial peace of mind.

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