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Our Mission

At PLAN4it we want to inspire and help people to dream big!  By providing free access to financial planning information, resources, and guidance, we help lift the financial weight of worry for people with low to moderate incomes.  Financial knowledge is financial power, and nobody should have to go without the tools and resources they need to have financial peace of mind.

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Transform Your Finances With Our Tailored Services

Our diverse range of services and programs at PLAN4it are designed to meet your unique financial needs. From personalized guidance to interactive workshops, we’re committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to confidently navigate your financial journey.

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Customized Guidance

Get personalized financial advice from our Certified Financial Education Instructors. Through in-person or virtual meetings, we provide you with the tools and knowledge to achieve your financial goals.
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Students and Young Adults

As a young person it is your right to DREAM BIG. AT PLAN4it we believe that you will greatly enhance the odds of making your dream happen if you plan for it. And that includes financial planning!
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Whether you are a brand new parent or you have been at it a while, we know you want what is financially best for your loved ones.  We will help you learn the basics, guide you on any urgent issues of financial need, and help you put time on your side! 
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College Scholarships

Plan ahead with our PLANit Kids subsidiary. We offer a $1,000 scholarship opportunity upon completion of our 10-step Financial Literacy for Young Adults program. Currently available for high school seniors and rising seniors.
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Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can seem daunting and at times overwhelming or even discouraging. At our retirement planning workshops we encourage a process that goes a step at a time, and keeps the expectations and the process simple. We will help you take control of the planning process and always be there for you as the steps unfold. The key is to keep it simple – and we will help you do just that!
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Live Chat

Get instant help with your financial challenges. If you're unable to schedule an appointment, our Live Chat offers same-day feedback and assistance from our educators. Click our live chat icon in the bottom right.
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PLANit Kids

Building financial literacy from a young age. PLANit Kids offers tailored financial planning and learning resources for children and young adults.